Kendall Custom Skis

We live and work in the mountains full-time. We love the feeling of flying down the mountain skiing effortlessly on powder with nothing holding you back and want to share that experience with as many people as we can.   We believe you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.
We believe that an experience like that requires unique skis with one of a kind artwork or, a limited number production on the top sheets to make it exceptional.  It’s a different experience with a custom set of skis that people won’t understand unless they ride them.
Art plus science equals good design. We use specialized composite techniques to make skis light and playful.  We built our ski presses ourselves to press skis the way we wanted them.  They don’t use heat or power they run on air.  We love using them to press our one-of-a-kind skis as well as our limited edition skis in runs of 10 or less.
We designed our skis from the ground up the way we wanted them.  Because we love a playful, responsive, lightweight, performing set of skis.  We use triaxial braided fiberglass, laminated with full length knot free clear book matched wood stringers, with high-quality P-tex bases and hardened steel edges.  It’s a good thing.  Smiling yet?
New this year we are introducing the new updated online store.  You’ll be able to check from time to time to see our one-of-a-kind skis here.  Get them before they’re gone!  Unlike mass-produced skis you will not see these everywhere.  When we make skis with art top sheets they will be produced in collections of 10 or less.  Get them while they last.
New Kendall Custom Skis logo wear!  The new logo ware department has t-shirts, trucker hats, beanies sweatshirts, large coffee mugs and large towels.
If you like what we are doing buy a hat or shirt to help us out and show your support for a small local businesses!