Cellar Door Snowboards

Cellar Door Snowboards is a division of Kendall Custom Skis, LLC
We believe snowboarding in all types of weather conditions and terrain is the ultimate experience.  Flying down the mountain totally free.  Snowboarding in the trees in the park or in the wide open going wide open!  Nothing like it.
We live and work in the mountains full time.  Why go anywhere else?  We believe a collection of snowboards is the only way to go.  Locals call it a quiver and we know you need one.   A different snowboard for all the different types of snow and mountain conditions.
We make hand made snowboards one at a time from scratch.  We are so serious we made our own presses to press our snowboards the way we wanted.
We make snowboards with one of a kind wood grain top sheets or custom photographic prints.  We make small runs of up to 10 snowboards with collectible artwork.  The small numbers make them unique.  They are not made by the thousands.  You won’t see these just everywhere.  We believe you were born in original, don’t die a copy.
New this year we are introducing our new updated online store.  You’ll be able to check from time to time to see our one-of-a-kind snowboards here.  Get them before they’re gone!  Unlike mass-produced snowboards you will not see these everywhere.
When we make snowboards with art top sheets they will be produced in collections of 10 or less.  Get them while they last.
New Cellar Door Snowboards logo wear!  The new logo ware department has t-shirts, trucker hats, beanies, sweatshirts, large coffee mugs and large towels.
If you like what we are doing buy a hat or shirt to help us out and show your support for a small local businesses!